Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell: Excuse Me While I Fangirl Over This Novel

Let me just start by saying how in love with this book I am! I’m not a big contemporary reader, but I absolutely adored this book! If you’ve ever had anxiety or been a writer or reader or really have been human, I’m sure you’ll find a way to relate to this book! Even if you just know people who are like this. Basically, you should just read this book.

  • Levi and Cath. They were just the cutest thing on the face of this planet. Levi is just golden. And even though you really are rooting for them the whole time, their story doesn’t take away from all of the other things Cath is going through. It was beautifully done. I love them with all my squishy little heart.
  • Cath as a character was so relatable. The whole time reading this book, I was basically agreeing with everything. How she works through her anxiety, how she feels about writing and college, her desire to not talk to people. Everything. Even though I’m not the same as Cath, I felt what Cath felt and could relate. It left me saying, “this book truly gets me.” Especially as an introverted writer who kind of felt the loss of hope in her first college creative writing class.
  • She writes stories within stories and it’s flawless. Along with all of the main characters, I fell in love with the fictional characters within the book. I was invested in Simon and Baz even though they weren’t the people I was always reading about. But Rowell made me care about them and get the feel for what Cath felt. Their representation of childhood was great.
  • The cast in this book is mostly girls, and they weren’t girls I wanted to punch. Not that I need the whole cast to be a girl. But it makes sense that Cath wouldn’t have that many guy friends. Because she barely has girl friends and all people give her anxiety. And then there’s Reagan. How I adore Reagan! So much sass in such a great person. I love her dynamic with Cath.
  • Basically, I just love it all. That’s the truth. I could go on about all the things I loved in this novel.

  • Wren and Courtney were awful. Not that this is a bad thing. I just wasn’t a fan, which was the point. Basically, I just needed something bad. And this isn’t bad. So I failed.

Look, just do yourself a favor and read this book. I regret nothing. It was brilliant and perfect and I’m going to hug this book tightly to the end of my days. Thank you Rainbow Rowell for writing a book that just gets me. I shall die very happy now!

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