My name is Lindsey. I’m a twenty-three year old lover of all things book, writing, and peanut butter. I’m currently attending university on the west coast, studying English and minoring in Digital Humanities (techie stuff), Graphic Design, and Creative Writing. I currently work as a Web/Graphic Designer for a college in my university.

To say I’m a book addict would be a major understatement, and we can’t go making those. It wasn’t always this way though. As a child, I had this fantasy of becoming the first best-selling author who refused to read. Thankfully, I learned the errors of my way in middle school and have never gone back. My focus for my reading and writing is YA fiction, specifically sci-fi and fantasy.

Between work, classes, and life I try to make time for writing. The dream is to be an author who’s only purpose in life is to write novels that people love with all of their heart.

SO yeah. Enjoy reading about how much of a nerd I am! I like to freak out and have no chill ✌🏻