Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo: The Book Where Nikolai Saves the Day

Okay, now this was my favorite book in the series. It had all that I was waiting for since reading the first book. It was crazy and wonderful. I did have some issues though, which is why it isn’t five stars. But this book made up for all of the weird Darkling shippings people were doing.

Also, I don’t own this book, I rented it from the library 🙈

NOTE: This review is laden with spoilers!

  • One word. Nikolai. That’s it. Mic drop. No, but really. He came into the book and suddenly the world got better. I just wanted to read more and more of his quips and comebacks. They were on point and wonderful. He’s wonderful. A pirate, a prince, an arrogant know it all. My favorite type to love. He’s my favorite and I hardcore shipped him and Alina (sorry not sorry Mal). Nikolai is definitely going down on my all time favorite characters’ list (you know, if I were organized and actually kept a physical list). Also, he has a great backstory and it’s not shoved down my throat! He’s a character with depth and I’M IN LOVE.
  • Alina and her dark madness. There’s no sugar coating it. She’s crazy and wants power and it’s great! The author wasn’t keeping the Sun Summoner full of sugar and rainbows. Nope. She wants the power. She is kind of drawn to the darkness. Just so long as she doesn’t want the Darkling, I could care less. I liked watching her slowly descend into darkness. It was great.
  • The writing style is fabulous. Really, it is. Even if Alina isn’t always my favorite and Mal gets on my nerves, I still love the dialogue and the world building. It’s just great.

  • MAL. The whole time I was telling Mal to shut up. He complains. He wants Alina. He gets jealous. He wants to get rid of her powers BECAUSE YEAH, THAT WILL SOLVE ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS. No Mal, just no. Stop being a selfish butt. You can’t even compete with Nikolai SO STOP TRYING. Alina has a job to do, OKAY? She’s going to save the country and she really needs you there and NOT complaining about your life and such. Just support her like a good best friend would do!
  • Since when does Alina care what happens to Ravka? Because I didn’t get the Ravka pride vibe coming from her in the first book. Which made me wonder what her motivation was in this book. When did she start caring about Ravka? Because as far as I was concerned, she just really cared about Mal. That was it. Not a better life for people. Not the safety of her country. The easy fix would be to just make this a kind of goal in the first book. Alina loves her country and wants it to be better. THE END. Easy peasy. Obviously, I’m a genius.
  • So. Much. Planning. Like a good 45% of this book was them talking politics and plans and such. I was kind of bored and may have read those parts faster than the others. I just wanted more stabby and blindy action to happen and less talky. Unless is Nikolai making his great remarks. He could talk all day and I wouldn’t mind.
  • Everything was so…convenient. Let’s take the end for example. Suddenly she’s like, “oh, I think I’m going to try and steal his power and do all of these crazy things that maybe would have been convenient earlier, but nah, I’ll wait until death and destruction are at my door before doing it.” Her powers are kind of lame in that they essentially do minimal cool things through the novel then BAM, she can take down the Darkling. And she depends on mirrors to make her powers effective? SHE HAS TWO AMPLIFIERS. USE THEM SISTER.

Despite all of that, this book definitely takes the award for the best book in this trilogy. Nikolai makes the world a better place. Now that you know about my love and borderline obsession for him…I just want him to continue being in the books. That’s all.

Also I realize that my dislike list is longer than my likes, even though this was my favorite of the series. Believe me when I say Nikolai makes up for it all.

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