So, Did You Die?

Hello! I am not dead. Nope. SUCK IT SCHOOL, YOU DIDN’T KILL ME. But I have been a bit of a ghost on here. I’m trying to get my life in order, it’s fine. In the time you’ve heard from me last (don’t think about […]

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Ten Covers That Scream Autumn

You know what my favorite time of year is? AUTUMN. FALL. WHATEVER YOU CALL IT. It’s this glorious time when everything is right with the world and pumpkin flavored things make an appearance (which, let’s be honest, they should make a big appearance year round). […]

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My 10 Favorite Books Read In School

Let’s be honest, the school year can be exhausting. Papers, exams, readings, homework that I question the purpose of. It all happens at school. Don’t get me wrong, I love school (obviously I should love school because I’m a Ravenclaw…haha…no, not always). But sometimes school […]

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